Living for a Minute at a Time

In a single instant, everything you have striven to achieve can disappear from your grasp.  While one minute seems like such a miniscule measure of time, the realization hits that it equates to sixty seconds.  To put that into perspective, imagine a chrome microwave sitting on a counter top next to a refrigerator in the kitchen.  You walk up to the microwave, set it for 60 seconds, and within that time possess the ability to take on thirty jumping jacks, prepare a bowl of cereal with milk, or wash your hands twice.

In the everyday rush of life, the one forced onto us by society, we forget to relish time and its precious essence.  We only appreciate this time when it leaves us, whether in the form of a family member’s passing or looking back in sorrow on something we wished we had done.  Instead of constantly glancing behind at what could have been, remember how important it is to look ahead at possible opportunities.  Spend time with your children, your siblings, your parents, because a minute can pass and you’ll look back wondering why you spent that minute on something meaningless instead of with them.  Sometimes, it is okay to slow down, look around you, and reevaluate how you want to spend your life.  It does not mean that your present efforts are worthless, but that you yearn for more.  You yearn for something that gives you a greater feeling of satisfaction, of accomplishment, of excitement.

Perhaps you set a goal for yourself.  You want to challenge yourself to help change the world in one minute only.  Next time you go to the grocery store, smile at the people you pass.  Chances are that they will return the gesture.  You never know what battles someone is facing just by glancing at them.  That smile could mean the world to them.  In that minute, you could make more of a difference than you may realize at the time, but to someone else, that difference could be recognized immediately.  We live in constant motion, always ready for the next move, but when you press the pause button on all of the chaos and live for only a minute at a time, the world becomes a place of greater clarity and understanding.